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new directions in architecture with forms for people and nature

Markus Tauber is a South Tyrol architect working in Brixen and projecting housing buildings, industry buildings, hotels and much more for his clients.

Building is a dialogue between humans and nature.

Being an architect means understanding this dialogue and transforming it into real forms.

I, Markus Tauber, am living and working since 20 years as an architect in Brixen, a traditional city in South Tyrol, Italy. I am deeply embedded here, between the north and the south, between mediterranean and alpine lifestyle, where present and past live together.

„Architecture joins together art and science, to organize spaces for men's need.“ (Louis Hellman)

Construction means finding a proper form to dreams and visions.

Architecture is at men's service. It creates spaces for us.

What is important for me is keeping together real needs, like deadlines, costs, laws and the visionary concept and its ideas and desires.

Markus Tauber, Bressanone - Brixen (Alto Adige - South Tyrol)